Yamaha 1985 Recording Custom 11 Piece Drum Set. Piano Black. Like New!! $6,995.00

Yamaha Recording Custom Piano Black

This is one rockin’ Yamaha Recording Custom set in unbelievable “Time Capsule” condition. 1980s all birch Recording Custom drums have a proven track record as some of the best sounding drums ever made. The 11 matching drums in this set are all 1985 Yamaha RC in Piano Black w/black inner shells. Both bass drums were … Read More

Vinnie Colaiuta’s Yamaha Recording Custom Set, Authenticated! $11,995.00

Vinnie Colaiuta,Yamaha Recording Custom 22×16,10×10,12×10,14×12,16×14 set plus additional 2x24x? 8×10, 12x?,13x? Cherrywood lacquer finish. This was Colaiuta’s main Yamaha recording and touring set from 1987 to 1996. Acquired directly from his drum tech Jimmy Robison at Drum Paradise in North Hollywood CA. Drums are in excellent condition with come very minor finish cosmetic scuffs. Nothing … Read More

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