Ludwig 1970-80s 11 Piece Octa-Plus. Great Shape, $2,295

Ludwig Octa Plus complete set with hardware

Ludwig 11 Piece Octa-Plus. Great Shape, $2,295 Bow down and worship at this altar of un-godly awesomeness! The Ludwig Octa-Plus drumset was the drumset that every drummer in the in the 1970s dreamed about. It was the biggest drumset ever offered by any drum company at the time and was featured prominently on the cover … Read More

Hal Blaine, 1980s Pearl Set, $ 19,995.00

Hal Blaine Pearl Set Pearl 1980s White Marine Pearl over maple shells. Includes all drums and hardware in photos. Cymbals are not included. “Hal Blaine Strikes Again” logo bass head. Calf skin bass batter head. Used by Hal Blaine for recordings and live performances during the 1980s. In the early 1980s Hal Blaine entered an … Read More

Hal Blaine’s, Phil Spector, Timbale Set, $39,995.00

Hal Blaine Timbale set. Gretsch 10″ and 13″ timbales. These timbales were the heart of what became known as Hal’s “Timbale Set”. Case stenciled “Hal Blaine, Patti Page Show”. They were used on many early Phil Spector and Beach Boy recordings. Timbales were custom fitted to mount as a side and floor tom. Bass, snare … Read More

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