Gretsch 1970s SSB Aluminum 5×14 Snare Drum. $345.00

Gretsch SSB 5x14 Aluminum

Great 1970s aluminum shell snare. 8 lugs, cast hoops. Shell is very slightly dented around the throw off. Some minor pitting on the hardware. Works and plays great. Single click image to enlarge. PRICE:$345.00

Gretsch Round Badge COB 5×14, $345.00

Gretsch Chrome Round Badge 5x14

Here’s a great old Gretsch round badge snare. Brass shell,  push button throw off, cast hoops, 40 strand snares. The drums is scuffed and pitted. There’s some small dents and the shell is somewhat pushed in around the fine tuning side end of the throw off. The heads fit snug but go on easily. This … Read More

Art Blakey’s ’70s Gretsch Moonglow Satin Flame Drum Set. $24,995

Art Blakey MoonGlow satin

  The set was owned by the late Art Blakey. This drum set was given by Art to his son, Art Blakey Jr., who was also a drummer. The set had been in the possession of Art Jr’s widow since his passing in 1988. The set was custom built by Gretsch for Art Blakey. It … Read More

Gretsch 2015 USA Maple 8 Piece Shell Bank, 10″-26″, $4,500, Like New!

Gretsch USA Maple Gold Sparkle Nitron

Gretsch 2015 USA Maple 8 Piece Shell Bank, 10″-26″, Like New. $4,500 This collection of Gretsch USA Maple in gold sparkle Nitron finish is in perfect condition. There are no flaws. 100% original. The photos depict the condition of the set very accurately. 1 owner set. I received them on trade for a vintage Gretsch … Read More

Elvin Jones’s Used Gretsch 1970s 6A Drum Sticks. Framed, Authenticated, $395

Elvin Jones’s Used Gretsch 1970s 6A Drum Sticks. Framed, Authenticated $395.00 This set of Elvin Jones’s Gretsch drumsticks were owned and used by Elvin Jones. Elvin played this model Gretsch 6A drumstick from the 1960s through 1976. Acquired directly from Elvin’s wife along with a large quantity of his drum gear. They are professionally mounted, … Read More

Great article about The Elvin Jones Drum Collection by

Elvin Jones' Zildjian 20" K Ride cymbal

I had a great conversation with Matt Biancardi at earlier this month. We talked in great detail about the Elvin Jones drum collection and my extreme good fortune to have been able to acquire it. Acquiring this monumental collection and the relationships I’ve made with countless drummers as a result of it has been … Read More

Elvin Jones’ Gretsch Custom 1970s Maple 5×14 Snare, $9,995.00

Elvin Jones' Gretch Snare Drum

Elvin Jones’, Gretsch Custom 1970s Maple 5×14 Snare This Gretsch maple shell snare was owned and used during the 1970s by Elvin Jones. The drum was customized for Elvin at the Professional Percussion Shop in New York city in 1972. They removed the original Gretsch throw off, installed a new Camco throw off and snare … Read More

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