Aerosmith, Joey Kramer’s 1970’s, Fibes Drum Set, Authenticated! $14,995.00

Joey Kramer's Aerosmith Fibes Drum Set

Joey Kramer’s 1970’s Aerosmith, Fibes Drum Set. Authenticated! $14,995 Joey Kramer owned and used this clear acrylic Fibes drum set with Aerosmith between 1973 and 1975. This was considered Aerosmith’s most prolific period. They released 3 albums during this time that produced most of the band’s most enduring songs including “Dream On”, “Train Kept Rollin’”, … Read More

SOLD!! Buddy Rich, 1966 Fibes Set, $29,995.00 SOLD!!

Buddy Rich, Fibes Drumset Fibes 24×14,13×9, 16×16, 16×16 ,5×14 chrome over fiberglass. Custom “BR” crest logo bass drum head. Also includes additional Fibes “BR” bass drum logo head. Includes set of cases stenciled “Buddy Rich, Vox”. Original 13″ tom and one of the 16″ floor toms were lost and replaced with identical, same era Fibes … Read More

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