Ginger Baker’s 2016 DW Cherry Drum Set. $11,995.00

Ginger Baker DW Drum Set

This is a 2016 DW set custom made for Ginger Baker.  The set was made for him to play 2 shows at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp plus a TV show called “Roadies” on Showtime. The set consists of the exact sizes as Baker’s Cream reunion set. Cherry Shells, Natural Hi Gloss Lacquer over Exotic … Read More

David Palmer, Rod Stewart, DW Tartan Snare

David Palmer, Rod Stewart DW 6×14 maple shell. Custom Tartan finish. Part of complete tartan drum set used on Rod Stewart tours in 2006-2008. Tartan pattern was copied from a pair of Rod’s pants. Head is signed by Rod Stewart and David Palmer. Acquired directly from David Palmer. Not For Sale. SINGLE CLICK PHOTO TO … Read More

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