Ludwig 1962 Gold Sparkle 5.5×14 Classic Snare PERFECT!! $599.00

Ludwig 1962 Gold Sparkle Classic Snare Drum

There’s not much to tell you on this snare…Other than it’s PERFECT!! You just don’t see drums like this in this condition. This drum is older than I am and way better looking (and I look pretty good!). This is not a re-wrap or restoration. This drum is 100% original. Brass hoops, Classic throw off, … Read More

Ludwig 1961 Silver Sparkle Classic Model 5.5×14. COB Hoops. Extraordinary!!$599.00

Ludwig Silver Sparkle Classic 5.5x14 Slvr Spkl Classic

This is one EXTREMELY clean snare drum. Very clear Dec. 15, 1961 date stamp. 5.5×14″ shell. 100% original. COB hoops. Original Classic snare wires. Rotary Muffler. The finish at the seam appears to have been trimmed off. Normally the finish would extend past past the end of the wooden ply and be glued to the … Read More

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