Buddy Rich’s 1970s Slingerland Tonight Show Drum Set. WAS $39,995. SOLD!!

Buddy Rich Slingerland Tonight Show

Buddy Rich’s 1970s Tonight Show Drum Set. Wow! Sets like this one don’t show up everyday! This 1970s Slingerland set was owned and used by Buddy Rich from 1974 through 1977. The set was used initially for live performances and eventually stored at NBC studios for Rich to use on his his frequent appearances on … Read More


Slingerland Buddy Rich Model snare drum

SLINGERLAND, 1940s BUDDY RICH MODEL, WMP, 7X14 Wood shell. Nickel hardware. 16 lugs. Double flanged hoops. Oval Badge. Key holder with original Slingerland key. Excellent condition. NUMBER #58A PRICE $995.00 More photos available. SINGLE CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.  

Buddy Rich, Bass Drum Case, $995.00

Buddy Rich, Bass Drum Case This case was acquired directly from drummer Bill Nolte. The case was given to him directly from Buddy Rich. Nolte was the drummer in Bill Haley and the Comets. He met Rich as the Comets were beginning a series of shows in Atlantic City. Buddy’s band had just completed their … Read More

SOLD!! Buddy Rich, 1966 Fibes Set, $29,995.00 SOLD!!

Buddy Rich, Fibes Drumset Fibes 24×14,13×9, 16×16, 16×16 ,5×14 chrome over fiberglass. Custom “BR” crest logo bass drum head. Also includes additional Fibes “BR” bass drum logo head. Includes set of cases stenciled “Buddy Rich, Vox”. Original 13″ tom and one of the 16″ floor toms were lost and replaced with identical, same era Fibes … Read More

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