Carmine Appice’s Ludwig Original Maple, Bonham’s Favorite! $22,995

This is Carmine Appice’s original 1969, Vanilla Fudge, Ludwig “Thermo-Gloss” 3 ply maple double bass drum set. The set is from very early in Appice’s career. He literally “invented” much of rock drumming on this very set. The set is particularly significant since this is the set that inspired Led Zepplin’s John Bonham’s legendary maple … Read More

Montrose, Denny Carmassi’s Ludwig Flame 1973, 26, 15, 18 Drum Set. Signed and Authenticated. $14,995.00

Denny Carmassi's Montrose Ludwig Flame Drum Set

This is the only drum set that Montrose drummer Denny Carmassi played from the day the band was signed to Warner Bros. Records until the band folded in 1977. He bought the set in 1973 at the legendary Frank’s Drum Shop in Chicago in 1973 with money he received from the record company advance. The … Read More

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