Yamaha 1985 Recording Custom 11 Piece Drum Set. Piano Black. Like New!! $6,995.00

This is one rockin’ Yamaha Recording Custom set in unbelievable “Time Capsule” condition. 1980s all birch Recording Custom drums have a proven track record as some of the best sounding drums ever made. The 11 matching drums in this set are all 1985 Yamaha RC in Piano Black w/black inner shells. Both bass drums were custom ordered with no tom mounts. The set is in near perfect condition. There are some very slight flaws that on a lesser set would not warrant even mentioning. The set has been sealed in cases since about 1988. The photos you see are straight out of the cases after not seeing the light of day for almost 30 years. Please excuse the rather un-glamorous photos. They were taken on the tail gate of the U-Haul I had to rent to move this set. You’ll get a very good idea of the condition of the set from the photos I posted. I’ve included photos of the very worst of the minor flaws. You’ll see some dust on the drums in some of the pics. It’s just dust. I have photos of each drum from all 4 sides. 54 pics in all, that I would be glad to send to any interested buyer.

All of the shells are functionally perfect with just the most minor cosmetic blemishes. The top hoop on the snare drum is a non-original cast hoop with considerable pitting. I will replace both snare hoops with brand new Ludwig steel hoops before shipping. There’s some rust on the throw off, a little pitting on the lugs of one of the toms and a small amount of rust on one of the hoops on one of the toms. You can see all these flaws in the pics. The set includes the six Yamaha CL-910 tom mounts you see in the photo. All toms have Yamaha pre-YESS tom mounts. The Tama Power Tower rack in the photo is available but not included. I also have a set Yamaha hardware available but not included with the set. Nothing else to report to report on the hardware.

By the way, that’s me you see reflected in the mirror like black lacquer high gloss finish. I’ll give $500 off to anyone who can read what my shirt says AND know who said it. (Clue: He was the most loved man in the entire drum industry).

It’s extremely rare to find a set of this age, size, quality and sound all in such amazing condition. Sets like this don’t show up every day!! Here’s exactly what the set includes.

8×8 PTT-908C, 10×10 PTT-910C, 12×10 PTT-912C, 13×11 PTT-913C, 14×12 PTT-914C, 15×13 PTT-915C, 16×16 FT-916C w/legs, 18×16 FT-918C w/legs , Two x 24×18 no tom mount holes BD-924C, 14×8 SD-980R, Six x CL-910 Tom mounts.

The available (not included) set of Yamaha hardware includes, HS-910 Hi-Hat, SS-910 Snare Stand, Two x FP-910 bass pedals, DS-910 Drum stool.

Single click images to enlarge.

PRICE $6,995.00. Serious offers considered. More photos available.

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