WFL 1940s 24,13,16 Silver Sparkle Drum Set. Silver Keystone Badge, AWESOME!! $2,395.00

If you ask me this could be the perfect vintage kit. It’s taken a few hits over it’s 70 or so years but still rockin’ better than a modern kit could ever dream of. These very old 3 ply shells are super precise. The big 24″ kick has that huge low end but with a nice round overtone. The toms tune up high for a snappy singing tone or down low for that legendary old Ludwig thump. Please, don’t buy this set soon, give me a chance play it a few times.

The silver sparkle is faded to ginger perfectly evenly around all 3 drums. The chrome looks great all around. Brass hoops on the toms. Original mufflers, sring loaded floor tom legs, clip on bass spurs. Everything is 100% original and un-modified. The floor and the bass drum both took a bump in shipping. The shells on both drums were pushed in at one of the lugs. Joe Montinerri  did an amazing job repairing them. You can see his work in the photos. The bump is invisible on the floor tom. There’s a small piece of the finish missing on the side of the bass. You can see where the repairs were done on the inside but when you’re set up and rockin’, it will just be our little secret. Includes original calf  bass drum head plus newer heads all around.

This is just a really cool kit. I think I’m falling in love, warts and all…

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PRICE: $2,395.00

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