Terry Bozzio’s U.K. 2012 Reunion Tour DW/Sabian. Signed. AMAZING! WAS $36,995.00. NOW $26,995!!

Terry Bozzio’s U.K 2012 Reunion Tour DW/Sabian. Signed. AMAZING! $26,995.00

This enormous one of a kind drum set was exclusively created for and played by Terry Bozzio to kick off the ‘U.K’ 2012 Reunion Tour. The set debuted at the Victoria Theater in Chicago on May 1, 2012. It features Drum Workshop Collector’s Series maple drums in a custom chrome wrap. 2 each 05×08″ and 06×08″ toms, 1 each 07×08″, 08×10″, 09×12, 11×14″, 13×16″, 14×18″ toms, 2 each 18×22″ basses and 08×22″ Woofers, 1 each 14×20″, 14×26″, 5.5×12″ Snare. You get every drum, cymbal and piece of hardware in the photos including two woofers, one snare drum, five piccolo toms, and ten assorted rack toms and floor toms all signed by Terry. Hardware is all by Drum Workshop, including nine bass drum and hi-hat pedals. This kit also includes fifty (!!) Sabian Radia series cymbals that Terry himself developed with Sabian. Nearly every cymbal and drum is signed by Terry. This kit cost a formidable $65,000.00 to build! The set is in excellent condition and was acquired directly from Terry Bozzio.

The set will ship via crated freight from Miami, FL. We will ship internationally.

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PRICE:$26,995. Serious offers considered. 

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