Ringo Starr, Starr Festival Limited Edition Snare Drum, $29,995

Ringo Starr, Starr Festival Limited Edition Snare Drum, $29,995
Ringo Starr played the same Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival snare drum on almost every song he ever performed or recorded with The Beatles. The snare was part of the first Ludwig Oyster Black drum set he purchased in 1963, just months before The Beatles exploded into international fame. Ringo would play a total of 5 Ludwig drum sets during his tenure with the Beatles but with few exceptions, he played this snare exclusively throughout his entire Beatles career. There was clearly something special about this snare.
Gary Astridge is the world’s leading expert on Ringo Starr’s Beatle era drums. Astridge, in cooperation with Ringo Starr and Ludwig drums, has produced this extremely limited edition, exact replica of Ringo’s Beatle snare drum.
Extreme attention has been paid to every detail. In addition to correct hardware placement, the hardware is “harvested” from original 1960s Ludwig drums. The drum shells are exact replicas of the early 1960s Ludwig 3 ply shells with reinforcing rings and painted white interiors. Each drum includes a custom case, drumsticks, drum key and a tea towel like the one Ringo used to muffle his drums while recording with the Beatles. In addition, each drum is hand signed by Ringo and includes a certificate of authenticity.

 The price is $29,995.00. There will be only 15 made. All but 6 have already been sold.

The drums went on sale on April 18 2018, exactly 55 years after the date stamp on Ringo’s original Oyster Black snare. The project will benefit Ringo’s Lotus Foundation Charity.

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