Ringo Starr, Ludwig Original 60s Beatles Replica 22,13,16, 5×14 Set with Hardware. $1,995.00

Ringo Starr, Ludwig Original 60s Beatles Replica 22,13,16, 5×14 Set with Hardware. $1,995.00

This original 1960s Ludwig drum set was re-finished in vintage Black Oyster wrap to replicate the Ludwig drum set that Ringo Starr made iconic playing with the Beatles. This set was refinished in about 1995. The wrap on this set is from one of the earliest runs of the then newly re-introduced vintage Black Oyster wrap available from the Precision Drum Company. I’ve always felt this wrap was the most accurate reproduction I’ve seen.
The set absolutely captures the aura of Ringo and The Beatles but is not 100% identical to the set that Ringo played. There are a few notable differences but nothing that gets in the way of it being an awesome tribute to the most influential band of all time. The set includes the 1960s Ludwig cymbal stands, hi-hat stand and bass pedal seen in the photos.
-No mufflers. All the original holes have been filled.
-Each shell has some filled holes. Nothing visible from the outside but with close inspection can be seen on insides (see photos).
-Bass drum T-handles are correct vintage however different model that those Ringo used.
-Interiors have been re-painted white.
The shells and hardware are original Ludwig, Some of the metal hoops are non-Ludwig. Some of the seams are lifting. The seam on the 13” tom is a “Butt-Seam” that has separated somewhat over time. The seams on the bass drum have lifted and one of them the finish has curled at the seam. The imperfect seams on the bass are fortunately low enough that they are not very noticeable when the set is set up. The seam on the 13″ tom is to the left side and not noticeable from the front of the set. The snare and floor tom seams are fine.
If you’re looking for a prefect Ringo kit that is exact to his Beatle kit in every detail then this set won’t be for you. If you want a great Ringo replica set that looks great for far less than you’d expect to pay then this could be your set. The photos tell the story well. Logo head is included.
PRICE: $1,995.00. Single click photos to enlarge. 
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