Premier 1950s WMP, Like Early Beatles, Pete Best Drum Kit. $995

Premier 1950s Early “Beatles” Drum Kit, $995

Here’s a super cool 1950s Premier set, dripping with vibe, identical to the set Pete Best played in the Beatles’ early years. To be clear, this is not Pete Best’s set.

The set is in overall great shape but shows the signs of wear you might see on a set that banged around the stages of Hamburg and Liverpool in the early years of the most famous band of all time. There’s some pitting and rust on the hardware that you can see in photos. The wrap is in great shape with a slight yellowing but no cracks. I left all the original funk, and patina on the drums because it makes them look so “vintage”. If you wanted to make them look newer, a good clean and polish would have these drums looking more like they did back when the Beatles were getting ready to conquer the world.

Rogers Swiv-o-Matic mounts have been added to the bass and rack tom. This was very common, particularly with English drummers in the 1960s (Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Brian Bennett, John Bonham).

All of the original parts. The heads appear to be original or at least very old and from the correct era. The drums are the Metric equivalent of American sized 20, 12, 16. The Metric drum sizes are slightly different than American sizes and require special Metric sized heads. I will include a new set of Remo Metric heads for the toms at no charge.

The snare drum, snare stands, throne and hi-hat stand seen in the photos are not included.

Single click photos to enlarge.

PRICE: $995.00. 


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