ORLICH CUSTOM GLASS and BRASS Drum Set, $9,995.00

Orlich Custom GLASS and BRASS Drum Set, $9,995.00

This one of a kind handmade drum set is one of only a handful of sets created by glass artist John Orlich. Some of Orlich’s other sets were made for artists including Prince and Alan White of YES. This is the only glass set Orlich ever made that features engraved glass shells. They look absolutely stunning. The sound is best described as having the attack of a metal drum with the warmth and complexity of a wooden drum. The drum shell is created by staves of etched glass fitted into Orlich’s unique brass frame.

Bass Drum, 18′ x 16″, Snare, 14” x 7″, Toms 10″ x 9″, 12″ x 10″, 14″ x 15″.

The small toms are mounted with RIMS mounts. Floor tom is on legs. Rack is not included.

PRICE, $9,995.00. More photos available. Serious offers considered.

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