Marky Ramone’s Ludwig, Ramones Era, Black Oyster Pearl 24,13,16. Sticks, Signed. $3,495.00

Marky Ramone’s Ludwig, Ramones Era, Black Oyster 24,13,16. Signed. $3,495.00

Here is one rockin’ drum kit in a color and configuration you rarely see together.

I met Marky Ramone back in 1999. We’d been swapping drums for a about a year before he agreed to come to my shop to do a drum clinic. I’d sent him some vintage Ludwigs and he sent me a bunch of his Ramones era drums. We’d talked about swapping his Ramones era Ludwig Black Oyster set that you see here, but we never finalized it and I pretty much forgot about it. I don’t remember any specifics regarding  where and when he used them, I just remember that he owned them while he was with The Ramones. I’m still researching. I’ll update when I discover anything.

A few years ago the set surfaced with a guitar dealer friend of mine in Tacoma, WA. We ended up trading some gear and once again, an awesome piece of rock history lands in my very fortunate lap.

The set is a combination of 1960’s and 1970s 3 ply Ludwigs in the original 60s version of Black Oyster Pearl wrap finish. 24×14, 16×16 and 13×9. The toms have white interiors with Keystone badges, the bass has a clear interior with a Blue/Olive badge. 1970s Ludwigs with the 1960s version of Black Oyster Pearl finish are extremely rare. The set is in excellent condition. There’s some snare rash on the rack tom,  otherwise no surprises. The photos depict their condition accurately.

Marky signed the head on each drum. I’m also including a pair of his signed Ramones era sticks I received in one of our early swaps. COA signed by seller.

I can ship the drums nested in one large box. Plan on around $225 US shipping. I will ship internationally.

 PRICE: $3,495.00. Serious offers considered. Single click image to enlarge.

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