Ludwig and Ludwig 1940s Top Hat and Cane Wood Hoop Drum Set, $28,995.00

Ludwig and Ludwig Original 1940s Top Hat and Cane Wood Hoop Drum Set, $28,995.00

11×7, 13×9, 16×14, 26×14, 7×14 snare. Photos below.

This EXTREMELY rare wood hoop Ludwig Top Hat and Cane drum set is believed to be the only wood hoop set of it’s kind ever produced. The set was acquired from the daughter of the original owner seen in the original 1940s portrait photo. This photo proved to be an invaluable resource during the restoration of this set. The set was restored by some of the top drum builders in the industry and returned to very close to it’s original condition. The following is a brief summary of the repairs and restoration that occurred on this set.

The drums in this set were received from 2 separate parties. The 3 toms were received from the daughter of the man in the 1940s photo. The snare and bass were received from another party. All 5 drums had some non-original holes that were professionally repaired. I’ve included photos of most of them. I’ve placed a small piece of blue tape next to the repaired holes as many of them are nearly invisible. All of the repairs are virtually unnoticeable when the drums are set up. You must look extremely closely to even find them. The 3 toms had wood hoops on the 11″ and 16″ and metal hoops on the 13″ when I received them (see original photo). I found a pair of 13″ wooden hoops and had all 3 sets of hoops re-lacquered. I will include the original set of 13″ metal hoops. Interiors of bass and snare shells are painted white. Interiors of toms are finished in clear lacquer. This is how the interiors of every Top Hat set I’ve seen were painted.

The nickel hardware is buffed to an amazingly brilliant shine. There is a gouge on the bottom edge of the 11″ tom from where it rubbed against another drum. During a latter phase of this drums life the owner had removed the bottom hoop which left the bottom edge exposed. I’ve left this gouge un-repaired. It can be easily repaired if the new owner wishes to do so. All other edges are excellent. The finish on all drums is in beautiful condition and polished to a gleaming shine. No cracks or scratches. The photos depict the condition of the set very accurately.

The toms all have 2 separate date stamps inside each shell. They are all stamped both November, 1941 AND June 1942. I have no idea why there are 2 different date stamps on each drum. I’ve never seen drums stamped like this before. The bass is stamped July 1946. There is no date stamp on the snare. The toms and snare have white Ludwig and Ludwig badges. The bass has a brass Ludwig and Ludwig badge. All drums have calf heads in excellent condition on top and bottom. Set includes bass mounted tom rack system and original basket mount for the floor tom The set does not include the cymbal stands and accessories seen in some of the photos.

The Ludwig Top Hat and Cane “Swing Sensation” model set is considered by collectors to be the rarest and most sought after production drum set ever made. It was considered to be the absolute pinnacle of the drum set industry at the time. The best that money could buy! To date, fewer than 15 of these sets are known to exist in the entire world. I have had the extreme good fortune and luck to have owned 6 of these sets in my life. This is one of 3 Top Hat and Cane sets currently in our collection.

I have many more photos that show virtually every detail of this set. I will be glad to forward to any interested buyers.

Due to the extreme high value and rarity of this set we will only ship via freight. All drums will be professionally packed in cases, then in boxes and the put on a pallet. This keeps the entire set in one package dramatically reducing the chances of loss or damage. This is the safest method of shipment available. Plan on $800 to $1,000 for shipping and insurance in the US. Exact shipping cost will be determined based on buyers location. Local pick up is welcomed. I will gladly offset part of travel costs if buyer wants to travel to Seattle, WA to pick up in person. I will ship internationally.



PRICE: $28,995.00. Serious offers considered. More photos available.


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