Ludwig 1999, 90th Anniversary Engraved Black Beauty 5×14 #79 of 90. $1,595.00 Flawless! Documented!

Ludwig 1999, 90th Anniversary Top Hat And Cane 5×14. $1,595.00 Flawless!

This flawless drum is #79 of only 90 drums made worldwide to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Ludwig Drum Company. These drums sold out virtually immedeatly and have been highly prizes by collectors ever since. Hand engraved by John Aldridge. Aldridge’s hand engraved signature is on the inside of the shell. The drum is in perfect condition. It includes the original commemorative case, case keys, certificate signed by William Ludwig II, warranty card all in the original 06/21/2000 postmarked envelope from the Indianapolis Drum Center.

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PRICE: $1,595.00

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