Ludwig 1971, Thermoglass, Natural Maple, Pro Beat, 3 ply, 24,13,14,16,18. Spectacular! $2,995.00

Ludwig 1971 Natural Maple Pro Beat, 3 ply, 24,13,14,16,18. Spectacular! $2,995.00

What an awesome kit!! The Ludwig Pro-Beat set was the go-to rock set for an entire era of rock drummers. A big bass, oversized toms and two floor toms with 3 ply maple-poplar-maple shells give this set a big, fat, thuddy tone that you just can’t duplicate with a modern drum set.

This set was probably refinished. If it was in fact refinished, they did such a good job that it’s extremely hard to tell. There are a few clues that make me think this was refinished. The badges and grommets are original however the badge has been removed from the bass. On one tom you can see some scratches from where a buffer was probably used to strip the original Thermogloss finish. On one floor tom you can see a small amount of slightly darker finish around the badge. The darker color is probably the original Thermogloss that had darkened over time. The existing finish looks exactly like an original Thermoglass finish. It’s beautiful and in excellent shape with no checking or scratches. If you look closely there are some very minor brush strokes and runs that can only be seen if you look really close. I tried to take photos but they are so minor I don’t think you can even see them. Even original Thermogloss drums generally had slight imperfections like this. The edges are super smooth which also makes me think they could have been smoothed out but definitely not re-cut. The original mufflers have been removed and a shell mounted cymbal mount has been added to the bass drum. No other damage or modifications. Edges and interiors are excellent.

This is a trully beautiful drum set to both see and hear.

PRICE: $2,995.00. Seroius offers considered. Single click images to enlarge.



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