Ludwig 1970-80s 11 Piece Octa-Plus. Great Shape, $2,295

Ludwig 11 Piece Octa-Plus. Great Shape, $2,295

Bow down and worship at this altar of un-godly awesomeness! The Ludwig Octa-Plus drumset was the drumset that every drummer in the in the 1970s dreamed about. It was the biggest drumset ever offered by any drum company at the time and was featured prominently on the cover of Ludwig’s 1975 catalog. If there was ever a drumset that dreams are made of, this would be the original. The set was inspired by Hal Blaine’s custom “Monster” concert tom set that he used to record hundreds of the most popular songs of the era.

This late 1970s 6 ply Mahogany stain set is complete with everything seen in the photos including all stands and hardware. The set is a complete original matched set. 7 digit serial numbers date these around 1979-1980. The set is in great shape and looks truly awesome all set up.  There are some cosmetic scratches and scuffs that are detailed in the photos. Ultimately the set is in great shape in perfect playing condition.You can get a great idea of the set’s condition in the photos here. I have about 80 photos that show all sides and details of each drum. If you’re interested in the set and want to see everything, just let me know.

The most notable flaw is on one of the bass drums. The finish ply has slightly lifted and cracked in a large area near the top of the drum. It only affects the outer finish ply and has no effect on the structure of the drum.

The Ludwig Octa-Plus truly defines the era of the “Monster Set”. Don’t let this set be “the big one that got away”.

Plan on around $350-$500 for US shipping.

Single click images to enlarge. PRICE: $22995.00. Serious offers considered. 

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