Ludwig 1963 “RINGO BEATLE SPEC” Black Oyster Jazz Festival Snare, 5, 5/16″ x 14″, Holy Grail!! IMMACULATE!! $24,995.00

Ludwig 1963 “RINGO BEATLE SPEC” Black Oyster Jazz Festival Snare, 5, 5/16″ x 14″, Holy Grail!! IMMACULATE!! $24,995.00

This 1963 14×5,5/16″ Ludwig Black Oyster Jazz Festival snare drum is what is now commonly referred to as the “Ringo Spec” Jazz Festival. This version is defined by the muffler, badge and throw-off being located on 3 consecutive panels with slightly deeper than normal shell (a standard Jazz Festival is 5″ deep, Ringo’s was 5, 1/2″ deep and this drum is 5, 3/16″ deep). This version of the Jazz Festival was made for only a very short period in 1963, when Ringo Starr now famously acquired his first Black Oyster set. Although Ringo played 4 different Ludwig Black Oyster drum sets during his tenure with The Beatles, he played his original 1963 “Ringo Spec” snare throughout his entire Beatles career.

By the time The Beatles exploded into worldwide popularity in 1964, Ludwig had already changed the hardware configuration and returned to a standard 5″ deep shell. When Beatlemania erupted in 1964 Ludwig sold thousands of Black Oyster Jazz Festival snares but none were in the “Ringo Spec” version. This makes the Ringo Spec Jazz Festival in Black Oyster finish one of the rarest and most coveted snares ever made with only a handful known to exist.

This drum is identical to Ringo Starr’s Beatle snare in every detail except it is a tiny 3/16″ shallower than Ringo’s. The drum is in near perfect condition. No holes, modifications, discoloration or damage. Nothing broken or missing. The finish is clean with no fading and only some extremely light scuffs that are barely visible (see pic). The chrome is extremely clean with only some extremely minor pitting. Original Ludwig logo heads top and bottom, all original brass hoops, red felt muffler. Original painted white interior. Standard Ludwig overlapping finish scarf joint is clearly visible on both the top and bottom edge. 1963 red date stamp, month and day are too faint/smudged to read. The photos depict the condition of the set very accurately. 

There are 4 small “divits” on the side of the bottom reinforcing ring at the 12-3,6-9 o’clock positions (see photo). I’ve seen these in other Jazz festivals but have no idea what their purpose is. Anybody who knows please let me know.

Consider this an opportunity to own this extraordinary version of one of the rarest and most sought after drums ever made.

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PRICE: $24,995.00. Serious offers considered. 

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