Ludwig 1961 Silver Sparkle Classic Model 5.5×14. COB Hoops. Extraordinary!!$599.00

This is one EXTREMELY clean snare drum. Very clear Dec. 15, 1961 date stamp. 5.5×14″ shell. 100% original. COB hoops. Original Classic snare wires. Rotary Muffler. The finish at the seam appears to have been trimmed off. Normally the finish would extend past past the end of the wooden ply and be glued to the finish on the other side to create a seam. The finish is trimmed at the very end of the ply. There’s no telling if this was done in the factory or later. If it was done later, it was done extremely well. I’ve only seen a seam like this once before. I would welcome any input on this unusual seam. It’s definitely not a re-cover. An absolutely beautiful drum!

Single click image to enlarge. PRICE: $599.00

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