Ludwig 1960s WMP 22,13,16. Beautiful! $1,495.00

Ludwig 1966 WMP 22,13,16. Super Classic Dum Set. Beautiful! $1,495.00

Like most beautiful women of this era, this set has a few issues and has had a little “work” but is still stunning and you won’t be able to keep your hands off them.

When she walks into the room there is no way not to notice her. She radiates light from head to toe. Her presence is so stunning it’s easy to overlook the fact that some of her original parts are missing (she seems to being doing just fine without them) and she’s had a little work done on her edges. And then there’s that voice!! Warm and seductive, equally comfortable speaking warm and low or hot and high. Her skin is smooth and radiant. Her hardware gleams with only the slightest signs of age.

The pictures tell the story very well. The mufflers are gone from the toms. There was once a rail mounted very low on the right side. Seams are as tight as the day they were made. All of the edges have been recut perfectly. They may not be original but they are smoother and truer than the originals could have ever dreamed of being. Original T-rods on the bass drum have been replaced with key rods.

Serial numbers are all consistent and would date these back to about 1966 or 1967.

Snare, cymbals and stands not included.

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PRICE: $1,495.00

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