Ludwig 1958 Sky Blue Pearl Transition Badge “Time Capsule” Set, 100% Original, w/ heads hardware and Zildjians. $3,395. LIKE NEW!!

Ludwig 1958 Sky Blue Pearl Transition Badge “Time Capsule” Set, 100% Original, w/ heads, hardware and Zildjians. $3,395. LIKE NEW!!

This set is amazing!! This set is an absolute “time capsule” from 1958. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set so complete and in such superb condition. Seams are all tight, no fade, no scratches, holes or modifications. Edges and interiors are excellent. With the exception of the snare heads, snare string and cymbal stand sleeves being replaced this set is 100% original. Toms and bass have original Ludwig heads top and bottom.  All original hardware, stands, pedals, cowbell, woodblock mounts, throne PLUS original Zildjian cymbals. There is some extremely minor pitting on a few of the snare lugs. The lug you see in the photo is the worst of them. There is some slight corrosion on 4 of the bass claws and the chrome worn off of the heads of some of the tension rods. There is a small section of chrome that has flaked off of the high hat stand and a small crack in the woodblock. I’m only pointing out these minor flaws because of the extremely excellent condition of the set. Any of these flaws would not even warrant mentioning on a lesser set. Otherwise NO flaws. I’ve included photos of all the mentioned flaws. The photos depict the condition very accurately.

This is not a restoration. The set has simply been babied it’s entire life. Set’s like this don’t come around every day.  Here’s your chance to own a true 1958 time capsule.  The set will ship from California. Complete size and specs at bottom of page below photos. Single click image to enlarge. More photos available.


22×14, 16×16, 12×8, 12×8, 14×5.5.

Avedis Zildjian Cymbals 14” Top high-hat 588 g, 14” Bottom high-hat 724 g, 18” Medium ride  1468 g, 20” unmarked  1980 g.
Everything in the photos included. PRICE: $3,395.00 plus shipping from California. More photos available.

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