Ludwig 1920/30s Rare Chrome Hardware 5×14 Black Beauty, WAS $2,995. NOW $2,495.00

Ludwig 1920/30s 5×14 Black Beauty, $2,495

I love this drum! The drum was made in the late 1920s to early 1930s. This is one of only a very small number of Black Beauties made with chrome hardware. Much of the black nickel finish has been worn off over this drum’s 80+ year lifetime but the shell and hardware are functionally excellent and ready to play. If you look extremely closely you can see that the shell has a minuscule  indentation at the base of a couple tube lugs.  All the parts are original and everything works great. Nothing broken, missing or altered. The photos depict the condition of the drum very accurately.

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PRICE: $2,495.00

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