Ludwig 1930s Black Beauty “Super Standard Outfit” Snare, Bass, Cymbals and More. Amazing Original Condition!! $6,497.00

Ludwig 1930s Black Beauty “Professional Outfit” Snare, Bass, Cymbals and More. Amazing Original Condition!! $6,497.00

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that all of the good ones are gone. This early 1930s single owner set just surfaced. At over 85 years old this set looks close to the the day it left the Ludwig factory at 1611 North Lincoln Street in Chicago Illinois. Everything is 100% original including all of the original calf heads. Nothing damaged, missing or altered. Everything works perfectly and is ready to play. There was no restoration on any part of this set. This is how the set looked straight out of the cases after being lovingly packed and stored since WWII. The set is basically a a 1933 “Super Standard Outfit” upgraded with a stock Ludwig hand painted “Mill Pond Scene” painted front bass head.

The 5×14, 10 lug Supersensitive Model snare is engraved in the 8 point floral pattern and features two sets of snares with separate throw offs, one for the top and one for the bottom head. The snares under the top head are particularly sensitive for brush playing.

The black “ebonized” enamel 28×14 bass drum has matching gold, single tension tuning hardware. Inside the bass are a set of stock  Ludwig “Blinker” lights. They appear to be in perfect condition however the original power cord is missing so they have not been tested.

The set includes the original snare stand, sticks, brushes, bass spurs, canvas bass cover and Ludwig snare/trap case seen in the photos. There are no notable issues. The photos depict the condition accurately.

A near complete set of cymbals, accessories, pedal and hardware to match the original catalog set up are available separately.

PRICE: $6,497.00. Single click photos to enlarge. 

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