Aerosmith, Joey Kramer’s 1970’s, Fibes Drum Set, $11,995.00

Joey Kramer’s 1970’s Aerosmith, Fibes Drum Set. $11,995

Joey Kramer owned and used this clear acrylic Fibes drum set with Aerosmith between 1973 and 1975. This was considered Aerosmith’s most prolific period. They released 3 albums during this time that produced most of the band’s most enduring songs including “Dream On”, “Train Kept Rollin'”, “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion”. Kramer played clear Fibes drum sets in various sizes and configurations during this period. Kramer gave this set consisting of a 26” x 14” bass, two 14” x 10” rack toms, with 16” x 16” and 18” x 16” floor toms to his friend Jerry Elliot (mentioned in Kramer’s book “Hit Hard”) in 1975. Elliot sold the set to Scott Tillett in 1997. I acquired the set directly from Tillett.

The set has several unique, identifiable and well documented features.  Kramer’s “JK” initials are etched into the hoops of the 26″ bass, 18” floor tom and one of the 14“ rack toms. The rack toms are mounted to the bass drum with a custom Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount. The 16″ floor tom has stock Fibes leg mounts and the 18” tom has Rogers leg mounts. All of these mounts can be seen clearly in the Getty Images photo and the Midnight Special video. The clear Fibes set seen on the cover of Aerosmith’s autobiography “Walk This Way” are an earlier configuration with a smaller bass drum and stock Fibes tom mounts. One of the included 14″ toms was originally drilled for Fibes tom mounts before Kramer converted it to Rogers mounts, indicating this tom came from the earlier configuration. Kramer clearly used all of these drums with Aerosmith. It appears Kramer mixed drums from the earlier set with drums from later sets as the set evolved through the 1973-1975 period

The set is in excellent condition. No cracks in shells. Nothing damaged, missing or broken. The photos and video depict the condition of the set accurately. Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Jerry Elliot. Includes the 1997 bill of sale from Elliot to Tillett. Guaranteed authentic. (PLEASE NOTE: The informational video below was produced before I was able to locate Jerry Elliot, the original owner of the set. Some information in the video has been updated since the video was produced).

Price: $11,995.00.  Serious offers considered.


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