Joe Pollard’s, Rick Faucher Customized, Wrecking Crew, 1969 Ludwig Thermogloss 20,13,16 3-Ply. Authenticated! $4,495.00

Joe Pollard’s, Rick Faucher Customized, Wrecking Crew, 1969 Ludwig Thermogloss 20,13,16 3-Ply Set. Authenticated! $4,495.00
Joe Pollard, a well respected Los Angeles session and touring drummers of the 1960s and 1970s, was part of the legendary group of A-list Los Angeles session players known as the Wrecking Crew. He had touring gigs with Etta James, Wilson Picket, The Grassroots and The Beach Boys. He is also well known as the inventor of Duraline kevlar heads and sticks and the Syndrum, the very first commercially available electronic drum. 
Pollard’s 1969 Ludwig Thermogloss set was customized by the legendary Rick Faucher. Rick Faucher was Wrecking Crew ringleader Hal Blaine’s personal “drum valet” (that’s what we now call a “Drum Tech”). Faucher was responsible for “hot rodding” drums for most of the top drummers in LA during the 1960 and 1970s. Many of Faucher’s innovations like memory locks, isolation mounts and lug locks are now standard equipment on any modern set. On this set, Faucher removed the springs in all the lug casings and packed them with cotton to eliminate rattles. He replaced steel washers with leather and brass to reduce unwanted vibrations. He added a small piece of maple drum hoop to the bottom of the bass drum hoop to allow enable a stronger grip for the bass drum pedal. He warmed the tone of the 13”x9” and 16”x16” toms with calfskin bottom heads and Pollard’s own Bear woven kevlar heads (a later evolution of his Duraline heads) on the top. The 20”x14” bass drum has a calfskin batter head with no front head and a prototype of Pollard’s Syndrum contoured muffling pillow.
If you’re looking for the legendary “L.A. Sound” that defined the top recordings of one 60s and 70s, few drum sets can deliver like this time tested treasure.  
The set is in extremely nice condition with no damage or extra holes. It’s notable that the rack tom and  bass drum were never drilled for mounts. The mufflers in the toms have been removed and replaced with carriage bolts. The natural maple finish is evenly faded to a beautiful honey amber shade with just some snare rash on the 13″ tom and a few very minor scuffs (see pics). The chrome is in great shape with just some very minor pitting. The 708*** and 718*** serial numbers indicate these were made in 1969. No other notable issues. 
The set includes a prototype of his Syndrum brand bass drum muffling pillow. None of the other cymbals, stands, cases or accessories in the set photo are included.
Pollard began using this set in 1969 for studio and touring gigs. It eventually became the house set at Pollard’s Studio America recording studio in Pasadena, CA. I had the good fortune to meet Joe way back in the 1970s at a drum expo in Seattle. I didn’t see him again until 2011when he visited my shop. I’m very sorry to say that he passed in late 2019. These drums were acquired directly from his wife. COA signed by his wife. Watch Modern Drummer Magazine for a feature about Joe Pollard and this drum set in my monthly “Donn Bennett’s Drum Vault” column. 
I have a large collection of Pollard’s gear seen in the photo also available for sale separately on my website. Only the 3 Thermogloss drums are included in this sale.
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PRICE: $4,495.00

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