David Garibaldi, Yamaha Signature Model SD-435DG, Mint Condition! Signed!, $1,295.00

Yamaha David Garibaldi Signature Model SD-435DG.

This drum has been discontinued for several years and has since become in high demad for it’s versatility, sensitivity and damn fine looks! A great drum if you’re lucky enough to find one. This drum is in perfect condition PLUS it’s hand signed by David Garibaldi himself. Among it’s many cool features are ithe drum’s 3 vent holes. The vent holes have removable rubber stoppers that allow the user to adjust how much the drum breathes. “The sound of my snare drum comes mainly

Here’s how Garibaldi describes the drum. “The sound of my snare drum comes mainly form the funk tradition. I’ve always liked the high pitched crack of a snare back-beat, but also like a lot of sensitivity and clarity for ghosted notes. One major asset of my snare drum is its versatility. Even though it was designed with a specific music in mind, it can be tuned in many different ways, making it ideal for many other styles. The snare drum is the major component of my drum-set concept and therefor is the main component of my sound. The DG snare gives me all of the characteristics I like in a snare drum, plus. . . it looks SO cool, you gotta have one!” David Garibaldi.
•14″ x 3,5″, Brass shell, Zinc Die Cast Rims, Blue Nickel Alloy Finish, COA signed by seller.

Single click image to enlarge. PRICE:$1,295.00

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