Bun E. Carlos’s Cheap Trick Signed, Ludwig 1970s Clear Vistalite 14×5. $1,995

 Bun E. Carlos’s Cheap Trick, 1970s Clear Vistalite 14×5. $1,995

Bun E. Carlos used this drum on Cheap Trick’s “Woke Up With A Monster Album” in 1993. They were trying to get a Led Zeppelin kind of sound and this drum had it.  You can hear this drum on the track “Let It Go”. The drum head is signed by all original members of Cheap Trick. Also included are the original top head used in the studio and signed by Bun E. Carlos and a pair of calls’s signature Pro Mark sticks.

14×5, SN 1188576. The drum is in excellent condition with no notable flaws, damage, broken or missing parts. I left all of the original Cheap Trick fingerprints on the drum. There is some light rust on the hardware. All of this would clean up very easily if the buyer wanted to restore it to it’s original condition.
Bun E. Carlos also signed the interior of the drum behind the badge so it wouldn’t show through the Vistalite shell.  COA signed by Bun E. Carlos and seller.

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PRICE: $1,995. Serious offers considered.


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