Buddy Rich’s, 1966 Fibes Drum Set, WAS $34,995, NOW $29,995.00. Authenticated!!

Buddy Rich’s, Fibes 1966 Drumset. 

Fibes chrome over fiberglass 24×14,13×9, 16×16, 16×16 with matching signed 5×14 snare drum. Custom “BR” crest logo bass drum head. Includes set of 24, 16 and trap cases stenciled “Buddy Rich, Vox”.  Used by Buddy Rich during his endorsement with the Fibes Drum Company in 1966 and 1967. Custom, Meazzi fittings on floor tom and bass. Includes a complete set of Rich’s Slingerland cymbal stands (acquired in a separate transaction). The original 13″ tom and one of the 16″ floor toms were lost and replaced with identical, same era Fibes drums.

See the set in action in the videos below. Authenticated by Bob Grauso, president of Fibes Drum Company circa 1966. COA signed by Grauso. Cymbals, hi-hat stand and bass pedal in photos not included.

PRICE, $29,995.00

More photos available. Serious offers considered.



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Drum Magazine: Buddy Rich 1966 Fibes

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