Ludwig Legacy Maple 2015 Black Oyster, 22,13,16. MINT! $2,495

Ludwig Legacy Maple 2015 Black Oyster, 22,13,16. MINT!

These are the classic “Ringo Starr, Beatles” sizes. 22×14, 16×16, 13×9.
The Ludwig Legacy Maple drums took the best characteristics of their legendary 1960s and 70s 3 ply drums and matched them with state of the art manufacturing to create a drum set that offers all of the precision, strength and durability of a modern set while optimizing their legendary classic sound.
I received this set on trade for another Ludwig Legacy set in different sizes. This set is 100% original and in virtually perfect condition. The photos depict the condition very accurately. I checked them top to bottom and could only find the most minuscule flaws. Here is what I found.
-The 13″ tom has a very small nick on the interior of the shell (see photo).
-The bass drum reinforcing ring on the batter side has 2 extremely slight separations. Barely wide enough to slide a dollar bill through. (see photos).
I have seen many drums brand new, straight out of the box in much worse condition. On a set of lesser condition these flaws would not even be worth mentioning.
The set was a custom order set. Mini Classic lugs all around. The heads on the toms are the original Ludwig. The bass heads have been changed to an Evans batter and a Remo smooth Ambassador. The set also includes a Ludwig Atlas Rail Consolete tom mount. This mounting system is ingenious!
Plan on about $100 shipping in USA. I can get more exact shipping cost once I know where they are going.
PRICE: $2,495.00. Single click photos to enlarge.
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