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Rogers 1970s 5×14 Black Onyx Wood Dyna-Sonic, $1,295

POSTED ON April 28, 2017

Rogers 1970s 5×14 Black Onyx Wood Dyna-Sonic, REDUCED! Was $1,295, Now $995.00.

This is a fantastic vintage snare. The wood shelled Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare is an extremely sought after snare drum, prized for it’s great, articulate sensitivity and it’s “honking” rim shot. Functionally this drum is all there. All original. No extra holes. Chrome is clean and shiny. Drums are round and edges are clean but this is not a perfect museum quality snare. I would call this set a high end “player” quality drum. There are 3 cracks in the Black Onyx finish. There are two cup shaped cracks on either side of the badge and one that runs from the top to bottom edge a couple panels over. Nothing that goes through to the shell or that affects the way the drum sound or play. You can see them in the photos. The lever on the throw off is broken. The top hoop is not original. The muffler has been removed but I have a replacement I found after the photo shoot. Priced at less than half of what you would expect to pay for the same drum in flawless condition.  This is what I call a “Five Foot Snare”. From 5 feet away it looks spectacular. Under close inspection you’ll see the cosmetic flaws. This is a super cool vintage snare that looks and plays amazing at an extremely affordable price. All of the flaws are detailed in the pics.

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PRICE $995

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